Originally formed in 2001 by JoEllen Ussery, Lurking Squirrel Productions has always been intended to bring alternative, interactive, entertainment of the highest caliber, to a variety of venues in Bend OR.  JoEllen left Central OR in 2004 after the sold out run of the Rocky Horror Show at 2nd St Theatre.  She returned the summer of 2015 to not only resurrect Lurking Squirrel but to do so with an updated production, of Rocky Horror.  Once again to a sold out house, this time at the Tower Theatre.

JoEllen started performing at the ripe old age of 6 as a belly dancer. Her first "regular gig" was in San Rafael Ca., in a vaudeville show-case when she was 9.  This seemed quite natural as she comes from a long line of performers on both sides of her family. Her great grandfather on her maternal side was a vaudevillian in the 1920s, on the East Coast and her paternal grandfather owned a traveling medicine show in Missouri in the 1930s.  JoEllen received much of her show biz education working for the original Renaissance Pleasure Faires in Ca. Eventually working side by side with the creator Phyllis Patterson.  Needless to say traditional theatre is not her forte, however interactive theatrics run through her blood.

Lurking Squirrel Productions:

The Spirits of Christmas (original) ~ 2001

Madame Theodosia's Farewell Bend Revue (original) ~ 2003

Richard O'Brien's the Rocky Horror Show ~ 2004

Richard O'Brien's the Rocky Horror Show ~ 2015

Hedwig & the Angry Inch ~ 2016

Christmas Spirits an original Bawdy Victorian Revue ~ 2016

Hedwig & the Angry Inch ~ (Up coming February 2017)